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Dining Services

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Resident Meal Plan

First-year students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a Resident Meal Plan as part of their housing and dining contract each semester. Email the Housing and Dining Cashier's Office to inquire and purchase a plan here.

If you are a sophomore in standing or above, have at least one year of attendance at WSU, and continue living in a residence hall, participating in a meal plan is optional. Learn more about the benefits of repurchasing a plan.

Resident Meal Plans provide you with maximum flexibility. You do not receive a fixed number of meals per week like some universities. Instead you will use your CougarCard to pay for meals with Dining Dollars. It works like a prepaid debit card. At the beginning of each semester, you will receive your Dining Dollars for the entire semester, and you decide how to budget and manage your account.

Learn more about planning your Dining Dollar spending.


Resident Meal Plan Rates

Dining Account Level Base Fee Dining Dollars Total Cost:
Level 1 $895.00 $1,035.00 $1,930.00
Level 2 $895.00 $1,330.00 $2,225.00
Level 3 $895.00 $1,575.00 $2,470.00

The Resident Meal Plan offers 3 dining account levels. Each level has a base fee of $895 and a balance of Dining Dollars. The base fee covers utilities, maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments, and a portion of the labor needed to support the food service program. 

Dining Dollars are used to purchase food and non-food items in dining centers, markets, and espresso bars. The base fee is not part of students' spendable Dining Dollars.

Learn about choosing the best dining account level for your eating habits.

Important Information:

  1. You can add Dining Dollars to your account anytime in the semester. Learn more about adding Dining Dollars.
  2. You can change to a different level of the Resident Meal Plan until the 8th week of classes. To change your meal plan before the semester starts, visit and log in to your account from there. After the start of classes, visit to and click "Change Meal Plan". 
  3. There is no refund of unused Dining Dollars. However, Dining Dollars will roll over to the next semester if you continue living in the residence halls and have purchased a Resident Meal Plan for the upcoming semester, or if you purchase a Mini Meal Plan.
  4. You receive a 40% discount when you use your meal plan to purchase food in the dining centers. This is the best way to make your Dining Dollars go further.
  5. You can also spend Dining Dollars in the markets, espresso bars, Carlita’s, Freshens, and Einstein Bagels. You will receive a 10% discount at these locations.