Nutrition & Dietary Accommodations

A salad with chickpeas, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, and olives.

A bowl of salad.


Dining Services wants to provide our guests with nutritious food and an excellent dining experience. We take food allergies and dietary restrictions seriously. Please contact Dining Services' Registered Dietitian, Martha Flores, at 509-335-4785 or at if you have concerns about accommodating for food allergies or dietary restrictions, or have restrictions other than the ones mentioned.

With several platforms that offer customers the chance to build their own dish, Dining Centers can provide a variety of options that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-friendly, or allergen-friendly.  If you have questions regarding ingredients in a specific menu item while in the dining centers, please talk to the chef or manager on duty. If you are having an allergic reaction, seek medical help immediately.


Dining Services labels all of the most common allergens. Dining Services is committed to labeling all menu items that contain the top allergens and using icons to assist customers with dietary restrictions. Look for the icons below to help you meet your needs or preferences. 


An egg icon.


A milk icon.


A soy icon.


A wheat icon.


A seafood icon.


A sesame icon.


A nut icon.

Additional Icons


Does not contain meat, fish, poultry, or gelatin. Dairy and eggs are allowed.

A vegetarian icon.


Vegetarian items that do not contain dairy, eggs, or honey.

A vegan icon.


Does not contain pork, alcohol, or meat that is not halal certified. Fish and vegetarian proteins are permitted. 

A Halal icon.

Additional Accommodations

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