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Dining Services

A student wearing a mask picks up a plate of food from a Dining Center counter.

Mini Meal Plan

The Mini Meal Plan is a new meal plan for students who live off campus and in WSU apartments, as well as faculty and staff. Cougs can enjoy the convenience of eating on campus and the quality, customizable food that we serve—all while receiving a discount!

The Mini Meal Plan will launch on July 1, 2021. Check back here to purchase a plan!

Pricing and Discount Information

Mini Meal Plans cost $250. The price breaks down as follows:

Base Cost*: $50
Dining Dollars: $200
Total Cost: $250

Here’s how the discount works: When you purchase food, you receive a 25% discount at the dining centers and a 5% discount at retail dining locations. 

25% Discount Locations: Northside Café, Hillside Café, and Southside Café
5% Discount Locations: 

Flix Market and the Market on Cougar Way
Flix Café and Flix Express Late Night Delivery
Lighty Café
Starbucks at the Spark building
Freshëns at the CUB
Freshëns Fresh Food Studio at the Chinook
Einstein Bros. Bagels

*Note: The base cost supports utilities, maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments, and a portion of the labor needed to support the meal plan.

Using the Mini Meal Plan

Mini Meal Plans can be purchased and used anytime during the eligible year, which starts the Tuesday after spring commencement and ends the Saturday of the following spring commencement. 

All Mini Meal Plans expire at the end of the eligible year. Leftover Dining Dollars at the end of the eligible year will not roll over to the following fall.

If you are a student with a residential meal plan who is planning to leave the residence halls after the school year ends, you can roll over your leftover meal plan dollars to the Mini Meal Plan for the next year. All you need to do is purchase a Mini Meal Plan before the 10th day of classes this fall. Your leftover dollars will automatically roll over and be added to your Mini Meal Plan Dining Dollars.

Unlike our residential dining plan, additional Dining Dollars cannot be added to a Mini Meal Plan. However, Cougs may choose to purchase multiple plans in a year.

Mini Meal Plans are not refundable.