All beverages for casual service are provided with disposable tableware.  Formal events and banquets will include china and glassware.  Includes appropriate condiments.

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  • Hot Beverage Options
    • Hot chocolate
    • Hot apple cider 
    • Brewed decaf or regular Starbucks coffee
    • Assorted hot tea
    • To-go coffee traveler box
    • To-go hot chocolate or apple cider traveler box
  • Cold Beverage Options
    • Canned Soda: assorted Coke products
    • Canned Aha Sparkling Waters: assorted flavors
    • Iced Tea
    • Lemonade
    • Bottled Juice
    • Milk: half-pint
    • Sparkling Cider
    • Juice:­ orange, apple, cranberry
    • Punch (To Go Traveler Available)
      • Citrus Punch | pineapple juice, lemonade, orange juice, sprite, and grenadine
      • Sunset Punch | orange juice, sprite, and grenadine
      • Orange Blossom Punch | orange juice, lemonade, sprite, and grenadine
      • Sparkling Apple Punch | apple juice and sprite
      • Cranberry Cocktail Punch | cranberry cocktail juice and sprite
      • Hawaiian Lemonade Punch | lemonade and pineapple juice
    • Water
      • Iced water
      • Bottled water
      • Iced water set-up pitcher with four glasses