Dining Services

OZZI Reusable Container Program

The OZZI reusable container program helps reduce waste from takeout boxes by replacing them with reusable ones. 

In past years, Dining Services has distributed approximately 437,800 single-use takeout containers. In order to make take-out more sustainable, this fall we're introducing a reusable takeout container program called OZZI at Northside Café! 

If you use an OZZI container for takeout meals, you will help us greatly reduce waste!

This program started as an initiative from the WSU Environmental Science Club. It was piloted during spring 2019, where 150 students tested the program and gave feedback to Dining Services. We are excited to debut OZZI to a wider audience at Northside Café. 

How it Works

Students living on the north side of campus receive two tokens at move in. Students from other parts of campus can purchase a container for $4, which enrolls them in the program. 

1. When ordering takeout, dining services staff will put your food in an OZZI reusable container.

2. Give an OZZI token to your cashier when checking out. Enjoy your meal! 

3. Return your OZZI container to the OZZI machine at Northside on your next visit. The machine will dispense a new token for you. 

Currently, containers can only be received and returned at Northside Café. You can use containers to take out food from Chef's Creations, the Natural Station, Big Cat Grille, and the deli. 

Containers cannot be used for pizza, soups or pho. If you order these items to-go, you will receive a disposable container. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What if I forget to bring my OZZI token to the Northside Café? 

You may use RDA, CougarCASH, or credit/debit to pay for a container. The container costs $4 and you will receive a 40% discount if you purchase it with RDA. Or, skip the takeout container and dine in instead. 

2. Should I clean my container before bringing it back? 

We prefer that containers be free of most food residue before they're returned. Please scrape or rinse the container before returning it. We'll take care of the rest. 

3. What if I lose my OZZI token(s) or container(s)? 

You are welcome to purchase a new container for your next meal. 

4. What if my container becomes damaged?

 We're happy to replace containers that become damaged from normal wear and tear, though that does not include the container being sat on or chewed by a pet!

Do you have questions or feedback about the program? Click here to send us a message!