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Dining Services

Two students wearing masks sit outside Flix Cafe.

Planning Your RDA Spending

RDA plans provide maximum flexibility. They do not provide a fixed number of meals per week—instead, you control your spending for the semester.

Each time you pay for food using your CougarCard, your RDA plan will be debited for the amount of your purchase and your remaining balance will appear on the cash register display and on your receipt. You can compare your balance to this chart to see if you’re on track with RDA spending for the semester.

You can also estimate your RDA spending using the following table, which shows the projected average check per dining location for 2019-20 school year:

Projected Average Check After RDA Discount (2019-20)  
Dining Centers $5.03
C-Stores/Markets $6.06
Carlita's Mexican Grille $5.36
Espresso Shops $5.82
Einstein Bros. Bagels $5.80
Flix Café and Delivery $9.01

*Note: This is based upon last year’s RDA buying habits and the projected Consumer Price Index (CPI) for 2019-20. Since it is based on check averages, it may not reflect your particular buying habits.

With the 40% RDA discount, the projected average check at dining centers is $5.03. Dining centers are your best deal on campus. We recommend you eat the majority of your meals at the dining centers.

Because you receive a 10% RDA discount at retail locations, we recommend you purchase food from these locations on a more occasional basis. Below, we’ve provided sample purchases to illustrate what you can expect to spend at retail locations:

Occasional Purchases at Retail Price After 10% Discount
Lunch at Carlita's Mexican Grill: Beef burrito, fries, and soda $8.64
Snack at Freshens: Medium smoothie $4.94
Breakfast at Starbucks: Grande cold brew coffee and blueberry scone $6.21
Late Night Delivery at Flix Express: Two-topping pizza  $13.59
Late Night Snack at Flix Café: Ferdinand's milkshake and garlic fries  $6.48
Market Purchases: Cheerios, Kraft mac & cheese, and a quart of milk  $5.84