Dining Services

Dining Plans

First year students living in the residence halls are required to purchase one of three RDA dining plans - Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 - as part of their housing and dining contract each semester. If you are sophomore in standing or above, and have at least one year of attendance at WSU, you are not required by the Freshman Live-in Rule to live in approved University housing. If you choose to continue living in a residence hall, participating in an RDA plan will become optional.

Your Dining Account uses your Student ID card like a prepaid debit card. You choose the dining level that you think will meet your needs and lifestyle, and the RDA Dollars associated with your plan level will be available to spend each semester. RDA Dollars can be spent at all dining centers for meals and snacks at the time that best suits you.

Each time you access your RDA account, it will be debited for the amount of your purchase and the remaining balance will appear on the register display and your receipt. In 2019-2020 all RDA Plans have a base cost of $900 and a balance of RDA Dollars. Base cost covers utilities, maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments, and a portion of the labor needed to support the food service program. 

Returning Students

All returning students, sophomore standing and above, have the option to purchase an RDA plan but are not required to do so. If you are a returning student, here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to repurchase an RDA plan: 

  • Having an RDA plan is convenient – you can purchase diverse, ready-made meals at many on-campus dining locations when it best fits your schedule.

  • You don’t have to worry about finding time to grocery shop or cook while trying to balance time studying.

  • You receive a 40% discount at all three of the dining centers and a 10% discount at many other on-campus dining locations.

  • You don’t have to worry about budgeting for food while living on a tight college budget. Once you choose the dining level that fits your individual lifestyle needs, the RDA dollars associated with your plan level will be available to spend throughout the semester.

Access your housing and dining contract to add or change your RDA plan. To read more about the reasons students purchase an RDA plan, see Dining Services' press release.

Customizing Your RDA Plan

There are three levels of RDA Plans available. You are able to customize your initial choice of RDA with additional RDA Dollars at the beginning and/or throughout the semester to meet your individual lifestyle needs for on campus dining. You have the flexibility and control of where, when and how much to spend in regards to RDA Dollars. The following is an overview of the RDA Plans and their general design to meet RDA cardholders' buying habits for both on and off campus.

RDA Level Base Charge RDA Dollars Total Cost
1 $ 900.00 $ 970.00 $1,870.00
2 900.00 $1,250.00 $2,150.00
3 900.00 $1,480.00 $2,380.00

available RDA levels

In determining what level of RDA to choose from, take in consideration how many times you plan to visit a Dining Center, C-Store/Market, Carlita’s Mexican Grille, Dining Espresso Shop, Einstein’s Bagels and order pizza, chicken pasta from Flix’s Late Night Delivery on a weekly basis.

The following graph highlights the projected average check per Dining location for the academic school year based upon last year’s RDA buying habits and the projected Consumer Price Index (CPI) for 2019/20. Given there is at least 16 weeks in a Semester, you are able to estimate your personal need for RDA Dollars. This graph is based upon check averages and may not reflect your particular buying habits.


If needed, there are several ways to add dollars to your RDA accounts:

1. From your phone!  Download the GETfood app on your phone and use the Funds management functionality.  All you need to know can be found on the GetFood pages.  

2. Online  

3. In person at the Cougar Card Center – located in the Compton Union Building on campus.

4. In person at Housing and Dining Financial Services – located in Streit Perham Hall on campus.

RDA Discount Structure

Dining applies discounts to the retail prices for RDA plan holders to increase the purchasing power of their RDA Dollars. 

1. Southside Café, Northside Café, and Hillside Café extend a 40% discount to students with a Residence Dining Account.

2. Every purchase made with RDA at Carlita's Mexican Grille, Freshens in the CUB, the markets and espresso bars, Einstein’s Bagels, and Flix’s Express (Late Night Delivery) will automatically receive a 10% discount on the total purchase.