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Dining Services


The GET app

Ordering Online at the Dining Centers

Here's how ordering online works:

  1. 1. Download GET from apple iconthe Apple Store or Google Play IconGooglePlay or order on your desktop. *
  2. 2. Enable messaging when you set up the app. This will allow us to notify you when your food is ready.
  3. 3. After we notify you, visit the dining center to pick up your food.

*Where applicable, orders made through the GET Food App must be submitted no later than 15 minutes prior to closing times. 

Touchless payment with the GET app will also be highly encouraged.

There are also some options you can order in-person. Below is a breakdown of which dining options will be available to order through the GET app or through in-person ordering. You can learn more about these options on the Southside Café, Northside Café, or Hillside Café webpages.

Southside Café

GET Food

Walk Up*

Chef's Creations
Subs & Salads
Big Cat Grille
Chef's Creations
Subs & Salads


 *Note: Most options at these stations are ordered with GET, but some options can only be ordered in-person.

Northside Café

All Northside options are ordered with the GET app.

Hillside Café

All Hillside options are ordered with the GET app.

Other Campus Dining Locations

Flix Express Late Night Delivery must be ordered with GET. Other campus dining locations will offer a mix of in-person ordering and ordering with GET. These include:

For locations that accept payment with RDA and CougarCASH, touchless payment with the GET app will be highly encouraged.