Dining Services

A BITES spicy turkey wrap.


Dining Services is committed to labeling menu items that contain the top eight allergens and using icons to assist customers with special dietary needs. Look for the icons below to help you meet your needs or preferences. 

Ingredients do not contain any of the top eight most common allergens, such as nuts, shellfish, and milk. May still contain less common allergens, such as MSG, corn, and sesame. All items served at the Natural Station are allergen-friendly.

Ingredients do not contain gluten. All items served at the Natural Station are gluten-friendly.

No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, or gelatin is used in the recipe or listed on the ingredient label. 

 No meat, fish, or poultry, or gelatin. 

Contains fewer grams of fat, fewer calories, and low sodium.

 Items made without pork and alcohol. For beef and poultry dishes, only Halal-certified proteins are used. 

CAUTION: Deep-fried items may come in contact with animal products and food allergens due to shared usage of fryer oil. Please see a chef or manager about having your items cooked separately if this is a concern.