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Dining Services

Photo of stuffed grape leaves and couscous.

Dining Services receives ‘A’ on Vegan Report Card

By: Emily Ferrazzo

Dining Services at Washington State University recently received an A on PETA's vegan report card for its commitment to providing vegan food options to diners. This is the second year that Dining Services has received this recognition.

To receive an ‘A’ on the report card, Dining Services met criteria including offering at least one vegan entrée at every meal, providing nondairy milk, and serving a variety of egg and dairy-free desserts.

These efforts are a response to the growing demand for plant-based food options on campus. Dining Services offers a variety of nutritious plant-based and vegan menu items. Whether students are vegetarian, vegan, or simply want to cut back on meat, Dining Services offers options from vegan phở and grain bowls to barbecue jackfruit.

Dining Services also hosts Less Meat Mondays at each of the dining centers. Less Meat Mondays encourages students to consider how eating less meat may benefit their personal health and the environment.

Through efforts like Less Meat Mondays, Dining Services’ goal is to teach students healthy and sustainable habits that they can continue after graduation.

In addition to providing more plant-based and vegan options, Dining Services also offers allergen-friendly, gluten-friendly and gluten-free, and halal food options.