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Dining Services

student buying food with RDA

Students Find Value in Dining Services’ RDA Plan

The transition from living at home to living away at school can be an uncomfortable experience for many students. Dining Services is dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible by providing students with the resources they need to succeed.

One of these resources is the Resident Dining Account, a plan designed for students who want to eat on-campus, Sarah Larson, Associate Director said.

“Having RDA is really convenient,” Abubakar Hassan, senior undergraduate student said. “All of the places that accept RDA are spread out equally around campus so that no matter where you are, there is always a place nearby to get food.”

Aside from the convenience RDA provides, it is also a good option for students with dietary needs, since there are already prepared options they may not know how to make themselves, Alice Ma, Registered Dietitian said.

The structure of the RDA plan is self-sustaining. The total cost of the plan compensates for not only the food available to students on a daily basis, but also the facilities and operations teams that support Dining Services.

“If a student values the variety of food and convenience the dining centers provide, then RDA can be a good value,” Larson said.

RDA offers students flexibility and holds some responsibility in terms of understanding the plan and recognizing what their purchasing patterns are. Students have the option to choose between three different dining levels to find a plan that best fits their individual lifestyle needs.

“If you plan out your food, there is always enough funds left over at the end of the semester,” Hassan said. “I’ve lived on-campus for four years, so I’ve gotten better at managing my RDA balance.”

Dining Services is committed to supporting academic development and success by providing world class food and service.

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