Dining Services

Taste of Indonesia will be held on Feb. 27 from 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at Hillside Cafe.

Taste of Indonesia

Thursday, Feb. 27
11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Hillside Café

$9.25 per plate

Experience authentic Indonesian cuisine from various regions (mentioned in parentheses below) at Taste of Indonesia at Hillside Café. Dining Services has partnered with the Indonesian Students Association for this special lunch event. We hope to see you there! 


Chef’s Creation

  • Indonesian Chicken Satay, Peanut Sauce, Pickled Cucumber (Java)
  • Grilled Rockfish with Sambal Matah (Papua)
  • Potato in Red Chili sauce (Borneo)
  • Turmeric Rice (Java)
  • Eggplant Stew (vegan, Sumatra)
  • Garlic Green Beans (Sumatra)
  • Banana Fritters with Chocolate Sauce 
  • Mango Pudding (vegan)                                                                   


  • Roast Pork Belly, Brown Rice with Basil, Grilled Tomatoes, Sweet Chili (Bali)

Grain Bowl

  • Nasi Campur (mixed rice dish): Beef Rendang, Chicken Woku, or Crispy Tempeh in Spicy Sambal, Quail Egg Balado, Chayote simmered in Coconut Milk, Nasi Uduk (Coconut Rice), Crispy Shallots


  • Curried Chicken on Hoagie
  • BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich (vegan)
  • Spicy Potato Chips
  • Crispy Green Beans                                                                           


  • Mie Goreng (Indonesian Fried Noodle): Chicken, Shrimp or Tofu with egg or rice noodles, and variety of fresh vegetables


  • Soto Ayam (Aromatic Chicken Soup)
  • Tomato Basil Soup (vegetarian)