Dining Services

Student getting food at Change of taste event

Change of Taste

Throughout the year, Dining Services hosts Change of Taste events. These events provide a change in culinary experience for students and staff. The events are created by the culinary and management staff at each dining center and typically celebrate a holiday, tradition, or a new element to share with diners.


Spring 2019 Change of Taste Events

Southside Café

  • Ground Hogs Day                                       February 2
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner                               February 14
  • Iditarod Race “The Last Great Race”             March 3-4                                            
  • Whole Grain Sampling Day                           March 27                                        

Northside Café

  • Lunar New Year                                           February 5                
  • Whole Grain Sampling Day                            March 27

Hillside Café

  • Whole Grain Sampling Day                            March 27
  • Cougar Choice Day                                        April 17