Dining Services

Dining Plans

First year students living in the residence halls are required to purchase one of three RDA dining plans - Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 - as part of their housing and dining contract each semester. If you are sophomore in standing or above, and have at least one year of attendance at WSU, you are not required by the Freshman Live-in Rule to live in approved University housing. If you choose to continue living in a residence hall, participating in an RDA plan will become optional. Your Dining Account uses your Student ID card like a prepaid debit card. You choose the dining level that you think will meet your needs and lifestyle, and the RDA Dollars associated with your plan level will be available to spend each semester. RDA Dollars can be spent at all dining centers for meals and snacks at the time that best suits you. Each time you access your RDA account, it will be debited for the amount of your purchase and the remaining balance will appear on the register display and your receipt.All RDA Plans have a base cost of $944 and a balance of RDA Dollars. This base cost covers utilities, maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments, and a portion of the labor needed to support the food service program.

                   RDA Pie Chart (1)

RDA Level Base Charge RDA Dollars Total Cost
0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
1 $944.00 $890.00 $1,834.00
2 $944.00 $1,165.00 $2,109.00
3 $944.00 $1,385.00 $2,329.00
RDA Level Base Charge RDA Dollars Total Cost
0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
1 $944.00 $865.00 $1,809.00
2 $944.00 $1,130.00 $2,074.00
3 $944.00 $1,345.00 $2,289.00
RDA Level Base Charge RDA Dollars Total Cost
0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
1 $944.00 $840.00 $1,784.00
2 $944.00 $1,095.00 $2,039.00
3 $944.00 $1,305.00 $2,249.00


We apply discounts to the prices for our RDA plan holders to increase the purchasing power of their RDA dollars. 

    1. Southside Café, Northside Café, and Hillside Café extend a 40% discount to students with a Residence Dining Account.
    2. Every purchase made with an RDA at Carlita's, Freshens, in the markets and at the espresso bars will automatically receive a 10% discount on the total purchase. The markets sell school supplies, toiletries, and snack items. The RDA can be used to purchase all of these.

For example:   A student choosing RDA Level 2 receives $1130 in usable RDA dollars.   If this student spends all of these RDA Dollars at any of the three Dining Center Cafes, his/her purchasing power would be $1,883.33 of goods at the normal retail value before being discounted by 40%.