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Favorite Items

Webfood_The_$10_Pizza.jpgThree Topping Pizza. Get up to 3 toppings for just $11.99! Choose 3 different toppings or 3 of the same thing -it's still just 11.99! What do you really want when you're hungry? A Three Topping Pizza is the answer. Order online from Webfood and have it delivered to your residence hall or pick it up at Flix Café and Market, it's up to you!

Butch-Junior-web-image.jpgEating healthy can be difficult and Dining Services wants to help! Now you can get the same sandwiches you love, on your choice of white or multigrain bread, in a size that's easy on the waist and at a price that's easy on the wallet. Order one at your favorite espresso bar or order online with Webfood by clicking the link above! Try one today!

What is Webfood?

All Dining Services customers can use Webfood online ordering and convenient pick-up.  With Webfood, customers  order online and pay with RDA, CougarCASH, credit or debit card.  Customers who pay with RDA or CougarCASH realize significant savings.

Most Webfood orders placed can be picked up or delivered in just 30 minutes.  Orders can be placed up to four days in advance and large-scale bulk orders for small catered gatherings are available.

Webfood Mobile

Now, you can use Webfood on your smartphone or tablet with Webfood Mobile Favorites. Simply go to https://wsu.webfood.com/m/ and follow the instructions on the screen. You must have your favorites saved in your Webfood account prior to attempting to access them on the mobile app. If you do not have any favorites currently saved in your account, log in to the full Webfood online ordering site from your PC and create an order. Once an item is in your cart, click the item's "Add to Favorites" button to store it in your Mobile Favorites account. Once an item has been saved to your favorites, you will be able to order it thru Webfood Mobile whenever you want. 

Also note that Mobile Favorites is only for ordering food to be picked up or delivered that same day. If you need to schedule an order for the future, or place a large custom order, please use the full Webfood online ordering site.

There are two components to the Webfood program:

Stonewall Pizza Express

All Dining Services customers can order a pizza, pasta and chicken wings online and have their order delivered to a Residence Hall.  Customers may also choose to order online and pick up their order at Flix Café and Market.  Orders can be picked up between 8:00pm and 12:45am seven days a week.

Webfood Fresh Express

All Dining Services customers can order a meal, beverage or snack and pick-up their order without having to wait.  Webfood Fresh Express includes made-to-order sandwiches, salads and wraps, assorted bottled beverages, and pastries and desserts. Orders can be picked up at the Lighty espresso bar 30 minutes after the facility opens until 30 minutes before the facility closes.  Webfood Fresh Express is convenient! Pay online and skip to the front of the line when you pick up your Webfood order!